Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards 2016


Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards 2016

Aurender N10

If you are like me, computer audio has been a somewhat daunting experience. I have watched friends spend hour after hour (if not day after day) of frustration and anger trying to take this next step with their audio system. I have patiently waited several years until the hardware and software seemed stable. More importantly, I have waited until something approaching a "turn key" installation and setup was available to the uninitiated like me.

Even beyond all of this, I was seeking a comprehensive solution that could approach the best of analog in terms of sound and the best of digital in terms of ergonomics and user interface. If I was going to make another significant investment in my system, I needed to feel a connection to the music and not just be impressed by an audiophile checklist. The technology has finally arrived. The execution has been realized. The support is in place. The Aurender N10 has delivered on all of this and more. I think that music servers are here to stay and Aurender is one of the elite paving the way. Highly recommended!

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