AMM 4.2.0

Released on February 28 2017


  • Supports MQA.

  • Supports the NAS mounting in Mac OSX 10.12 Sierra.  
  • Detects the cover file changes better.
  • Supports big metadata up to 4096 bytes. 

  • The folder (directory) is the boundary for an album.
  • Tracks (music files) of an album should be located all together under the same (direct) folder. 
  • The music files duplicated over the folders are no longer treated as the same album.
  • Does not scan the shadow files starting with "._" in Mac.

  • This version (AMM 4.2.0) works only with the Aurender System Software version 4.9.22/5.9.22 or later. 
  • Upgrade and use this version (4.2.0) only after you've upgraded Aurender to the latest.
  • (The previous System Software should use the AMM  3.5.4, making sure not upgrading to this version.)