App 2.9.5

Released on March 30 2018

Changes from 2.9.4

* Bug fix

- Fixed connection issue when changes aurender.

Changes from 2.9.3

* New Features

- Qobuz and Internet radio for Spain. 

* Bug fix

- Fixed sometimes waiting popup is not removed after connect.

Changes from 2.9.2

* New Features

- MQA Core Decoder can be purchased using In-App purchase.
  You can enable/disable MQA Core Decoder after purchase.
  Doens't support A10 since it has full MQA feature.
  S10 is not supporting MQA Core Decoder

- TIDAL MQA Search
  Now you can search MQA albums only with keyword.
- Supports Merging Technology NADAC (RAVENNA compatibile DAC should work)
  When you turn on RAVENNA supports, USB output will be disabled.
  This is still in a beta stage.

* Improvements and gugfixes

- Update SAMBA to support SMBv2 for security reason and this will fix connectivity issue.
- Now displays name of internet radio station on the front panel while listening
- Fixed HDD icon was not diplayed even HDD is spinning on N10, S10 and W20.
- Improve Internet radio compatibility
- Fixed cannot delete specific internet radio stations from Favorites.
- Now when Queue view is expended, now player contoller part is also expended.
- Improved DSD files compatibility.
- Now displays HiRes logo for Qobuz HiRes albums.
- Improved compatibility with specific DAC
- Fixed minor bugs and improve stabilty.