App Version 1.1.11, System Version 1.0.13

Released on Nov. 25, 2013

Aurender App (version 1.1.11) and System software (version 1.0.13) have been upgraded and details are as follows:
1. Supports iOS5.

2. Supports streaming from NAS devices.
In Settings, a new menu tab, NAS Server, has been added. Only folder and file views are supported. The iPad application will not scan metadata for files on NAS servers and the metadata will not show up in meta-tag based menus (ie. Song, Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, Conductor). However, folders and files on the NAS server can be accessed and played by clicking the file names.
* Please note that Mac Lion is not supported at the moment.
* For those using Windows 7, go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Advance Sharing Settings and check the box for “Turn off password protected sharing”. Also enable sharing for the folders that you want to access using the Aurender.

3. Front Panel Power Button will now turn the Aurender only on and off.
The standby function has been removed temporarily.

4. Improved compatibility with some DACs.(ie. SOtM).
Sample rate locking speed should improve on some DACs.

5. Improved file checking.

6. Improved handling of WAV and AIFF files

7. Improved sorting of Album Artists

8. Improved support of embedded cover art

9. Files under NOSCAN will not be scanned, but can be played using folder view.
It is recommended that users store untagged or imporoperly tagged song files in the the NOSCAN (case insensitive) folder. This way, the music library looks clean, while untagged or improperly tagged songs can be conveniently played using the folder view menu.

10. User customizable song categories.
The first five folder names on the Aurender HDD will now be displayed in the second row of category buttons in the top center of the iPad application. All other folders will be sorted under the Misc. category. If you have more than five folders under root on the HDD, use square brackets [ ] to enclose the foldernames of five folders that you would like to use as category buttons.

11. Improved USB copying.
Front panel display will display a fail message, if copying from the USB fails. Copy speed improved fivefold.

12. Remote Support will not timeout.

13. Manual input of the Aurender IP address is now possible.

14. Prev Track button function has changed.
If the elapsed time is less than 5 seconds, it will go to the previous track. If the elapsed time is more than 5 seconds, it will go to the beginning of the song.

15. Album year now displayed when showing album details.

16. DAC adjustment time feature.
In Settings, a new menu tab (Music Player) has been added for DAC that are slow to lock in on changing sample rates. Users can select from zero to five seconds of delay time for the DAC to adjust to the changing sample rates. If 3 seconds is selected, then the next song will play after a 3 second delay in order to give time for the DAC to adjust to a new sample rate. The delay will only occur, if the sample rate changes.

17. Front display function change.
Scrolling of long song titles back and forth has been disabled. The song title will no longer move back and forth.