App Version 1.5.52, System Version 2.1.12

Released on Feb 6, 2011

Please be advised that a new version of the Aurender iPad App has been uploaded to the Apple App Store. After upgrading to the new iPad App version, the music server system software should also be upgraded. To do this, please go to Settings and press the Upgrade tab. Then press “Upgrade to Latest Version”. The Aurender needs to be connected to the Internet for the upgrade to work.


Front Panel Button Changes

Front Panel Power or Standby Button
In the default mode, pressing the power button will turn the unit on and off completely. In the Standby mode, pressing the front panel button will put the unit into standby, and the unit will turn on instantly. To turn the unit completely off while in standby mode, keep the front panel power button depressed for a couple of seconds until the button light begins to flash and then release. Flashing will stop when the unit is completely turned off. To switch to the Standby mode, go to the Server Menu under Settings of the Aurender iPad application. Scroll to the bottom to find the Standby On/Off button. The Aurender Reference Music Server can also be turned off remotely using the Settings menu of the Aurender iPad App. When in standby mode, the Aurender Reference Music Server may also be turned on using the iPad.



Selecting Playlists With Front Panel Buttons
Press the Display Mode Button to cycle through 4 display options: Song Information, Blue Level Meter, Brown Level Meter, and Playlist. Songs from playlists may be selected using the four buttons on the right side of the front panel display.  Use buttons 4 and 5 to scroll between playlists and button 2 to select a playlist. After the playlist is selected, press button 2 again to start playback. Once the playlist is selected,  buttons 4 and 5 buttons can be used to select songs within the selected playlist. To see the Device Information Display, please keep the button depressed for about three seconds until the display blinks, release the button and wait. The Device Information Display with details about Server name, LAN/Wi-Fi status, IP address, and other details will appear. To return to the normal display, press the button again.

Setting Menu Changes

Set Aurender to iPad Language (Settings > Server)
Please note that with some languages, characters may appear broken, unless the language setting is set to those languages. For this reason, we recommend setting the Language to the Language of the iPad by pressing this button in the Server tab of the Settings menu.

Use Standby (Settings > Server)
Setting this to ON will enable the Aurender to be turned on and off using the iPad. However, when this setting is enabled, pressing once on the front panel Power button will only put the Aurender into Standby Mode. To turn the Aurender completely off, the Power button needs to be depressed until the Power button light starts to flash. Release and wait for the Aurender to power down and shut off completely. Improperly shutting down or abruptly disconnecting power to the Aurender may cause permanent damage to system.
Display Off While Playing Music (Settings > AMOLED)
This will turn off the display and red LEDs inside the case during playback, except in instances where the Pause button is used. In this case, the display and red LEDs will turn on.

Automatic Dim (Settings > AMOLED)
The AMOLED display will automatically dim after being idle for longer than 3 minutes.
Manually Adding NAS Server (Settings > NAS Server) - Press Browse NAS Server and then press the Add Manually button. NAS servers should be added manually, if the NAS does not appear on the list or if there is a problem accessing the NAS, please use add the NAS manually. To do this, press Browse NAS Server and another window will appear. Press the Add Manually button and another window will appear asking for the IP address, Username and Password. Enter these and press Connect. The NAS Server will be added to the NAS Server list.

Queue Action (Settings > General)
Simply tap any song in the Contents window and it will be added to the end of the Queue, or according to the setting for Song Selection Behavior in Settings under the General tab. There are options for Play Now, Add to Next, and Add to End.

New iPad App Features

Play Random
Press and keep depressed any custom-named folder button (second row browser button), and the “Play Random” button will appear. Up to 500 random songs in the folder will be queued.  For random play of Albums, Genres, or other categories, press and keep pressed the Album, Genre or other category and an option for Random Play will appear.




5-Star Rating System
To rate songs, press and slide the stars that are on the right side of the song title.
5-Star Filter Button - Press the * button under the search window and a slider for up to 5-stars will appear. Use the slider to filter songs according to rating. The results will appear in the contents window.



24-Bit Only Button
Press and a menu for sorting 16-bit or 24-bit music will appear, along with filters for 44.1, 88.2, 176.4 kHz, and 48, 96, 192kHz sampling rates. Please note that pressing the Clear x 44.1kHz or Clear x 48kHz will still allow all songs with x44.1kHz or x48kHz to appear in the song list. Please note that sorting by sample rate is usually only needed for systems with Word Clocks, or digital-to-analogue converters with manual sample rate selection.



Content/Album Cover View Button
This button will show when an Artist, Composer, Genre, or Conductor category button is selected. The icon is located In the upper right of the content window. Press to toggle from content view to album cover view. If there is too much content to scroll through, the using album cover view is much more convenient.




Large Album Cover View in Content Window
When a Song, Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, Conductor button is selected, album covers may be viewed in large icon mode. To do this, long press the album cover icon and a pop-up menu with a Show Album Cover button will appear. Press to view contents in large album icon view. Under the Show Album Cover button are buttons for Artist and Album. Press Artist and the album covers will be sorted according to Artist’s names. Press Album and the album covers will be sorted according to the Album’s name.




At the bottom of the screen are options for viewing front and back covers along with track information. To return to normal album icon size, just press anywhere in the Queue window.

Section Bar
Long press the content section bar (top of the content window) and options for Play Now, Play Random, Replace Queue, Add to Next, Add to End will appear. Pressing any of these options will place up to 500 songs in the queue.

Song Title
Press the song title and keep it pressed. A pop-up menu will appear with various play and queuing options. If there selected song file has any metadata related to Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, Conductor, or is in a folder, then the button will be highlighted in the pop-up menu. Pressing the highlighted button will open up the contents window of that button. This is especially helpful, when trying to find the album or the folder a song, album, composer, etc.

Recently Played 500
This is an automatically saved playlist of the most recently played 500 songs. Just press and the most recently played 500 songs will be randomly placed into Queue and played.



The new software upgrade has improved stability and reliability. In addition, almost all of the reported bugs have been fixed and most urgent requests implemented.
We, at TVLogic, would like to thank everyone for their kind support and suggestions, and promise to do our best to better serve your needs.