App Version 1.6.19, System Version 3.2.54

Released on July 4, 2013

New features and improvements are as follows:
1. Aurender W20 Features (only appears when using  the Aurender W20)
- Control of power for the dedicated USB audio port
- Support for Dual-Wire mode
- Support for external word clock
2. iPad App
- When hard drives start to activate after sleeping, their state will be indicated as "Waiting" (under the Server tab in the
- When Recently Added or Bit/Sample Rate filters are engaged, a dot will appear to the left of the summary in the Contents window as shown below to remind you that the filter is engaged.




- Upgrading the Aurender iPad App during scanning is now possible
- Album cover detection method was changed to one cover per folder. If there are many albums in the same folder, the same cover will be shown. Will revert to original settings in next upgrade.
- Information regarding USB DAC connection now appears on the front panel display
- Improved playlist saving and loading for certain conditions
- Improved front AMOLED screen saver features
- Improved folder navigation
- Fixed problem with freezing after downloading song databases with too many rated songs
- Standby mode features improved (under the General tab in the Settings menu)
- Improved usability and stability
- Fixed filter related bugs that occurred in specific instances
- Fixed problem with using NAS with Mac OSX
- Fixed bug related to  "Clear except currently playing" button (Queue window) for certain instances