App Version 1.7.05, System Version 3.2.75

Released in August 2013

New features and improvements are as follows:
1. Remote Support Request from Server menu
- Users can now also request remote support by long pressing the server name on the server list and then pressing the Start Remote Support button as shown below:



2. Demo Mode Message
- When "Demo mode" is selected, a message will appear on the Aurender App, so that users can easily check the current mode. Demo mode can be selected in iPad Settings.
- At the bottom of the screen under Apps, select the Aurender App and the Demo Mode button will appear on the right as shown in the screenshot below.
- Slide the button to turn Demo Mode on and off.
- Demo Mode enables dealers to demonstrate the Aurender App without connecting to the Aurender Music Player.
- Demo Mode will use information from the last song database that was uploaded to the Aurender App.



3. New “Cloning” Feature
- For easy transfer of contents between Aurender Music Players.
- All contents on the target Aurender will deleted before cloning.
- Playlists and rating information will also be "cloned".
- Both Aurenders should not be played or otherwise operated during cloning.
4. How To Clone
- Connect the source Aurender to a network and turn on.
- Connect the target Aurender to the same network and turn on.
- Open the App Settings menu and go to the Server tab.
- Press the name of the source Aurender with two fingers and a menu window will appear.
- Press the "Clone" button to start transfer.
- Cloning progress will be displayed on the front panel display.of the target Aurender.



5. Album cover detection method rolled back to previous version.
- In some cases with version 3.2.54, the same album cover was shown for different albums. The album cover detection method was rolled back to the previous version in order to correct this.
6. Other
- Improved battery management (only Aurender W20)
- Fixed "Go to Folder" problem with files on a NAS.
- Fixed folder filter problem occurring in certain circumstances.
- Made improvements to Aurender App speed and stability.
- Fixed problem with only one HDD appearing for the W20.
- Fixed problem with freezing after downloading the song database in certain instances.
- Made improvements to Aurender system stability.