Aurender App 1.7.29 & System Software 3.4.65

Released in December 2013

Details on new features and improvements are as follows:
1.  Fixed various DSD file playback issues including DSF x128 playback. (DSF, DFF).
2.  Improved DSD ISO extraction.
3.  Improved DB update. Changed to not reset contents while updating rating information.
4.  Fixed compatibility issue with Adaptive USB DACs
5.  Support for Mytek DAC USB 2.0 mode. (1.0 mode is not suported). The USB Hot plug is not supported. If something goes wrong,
      Mytek DAC needs to be turned off and on.
6.  In the W20, the power to the USB Audio Class 2.0 port can be turned off using the iPad App. If you do, the Aurender will automatically
      reboot. We do not recomend using this the function, unless you really want to disconnect the power of the USB Audio output port of
      the W20 for a specific reason.
7.   Fixed occasional problem with registration failing.
8.   Fixed occasional problem with iPad registration.
9.   Fixed the queue and progress information not being updated in certain instances.
10. When there is only one Aurender connected, it will be connected automatically and not appear in the server list window.
11. There is a new tab for Disc Informatjon in Settings of the iPad App.
12. Fixed save playlist related bugs
13. Fixed other minor issues and improved stability.
14. Below is a list of DSD capable DACs that we and our partners found worked with the Aurender. You might need a specific version of
       the firmware even though the DAC model is listed below.
          - dCS : Vivialdi, Debussy
          - MSB : DAC IV, Analog DAC
          - Weiss : DAC202DSD, Medea+DSD, Medusa
          - Auralic : Vega
          - Bricasti : M1
          - Chord : Chordette quteHD
          - B.M.C : DAC-1
          - Luxman
          - Lumin Audio
          - Mytek : Stereo 192-DSD DAC
      The list is for just your information only,. Please note that we are not responsible for the compatibility of the DACs listed. It is not the
      complete list of DACs that are capable of playing DSD files with the Aurender. Many DACs not listed above also work flawlessly with
      the Aurender.