Aurender App Version 1.8.23 / System Software Version 4(5).0.106

Released in Sept. 2014

Details on new features and improvements are as follows:
1. Power Search Feature for 64bit iOS devices
○ When using the Album browser button, users with 64-bit iOS devices (iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina) can now search for albums using other tags besides albums titles.
○ When several keywords are typed into the search window, each word will be divided into separate tabs with a blue background.
2. Improved search functions for 64-bit iOS devices (iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina)
○ To search phrases, surround the phrase with quotes (ie. "the right one")
○ With 64-bit iOS, keywords will be highlighted when searched.



3. Improved album sorting.
○ Added "Sort by Album Year
○ Long press the Album browser button and a pop-up menu with sorting options will appear.



4. Fixed iOS8 connection issue.
5. Improved DAC compatibility. The Aurender is now compatible with the following DACs.
○ Esoteric DACs K-01,03,05,07, D-02 and D-07X
○ Teac A-H101
○ MyTek
   We would like to especially thank Esoteric for supplying their DACs to us for compatibility testing.
6. Now SACD ISO will be extracted to DSF instead of DFF, since DFF does not support tag editing.
7. The maximum number of songs in a playlist is now 2,000 songs for iPads with iOS 7 higher iOS versions.
○ For older IOS versions, the maximum number of songs remains at 500.
8. New cloning feature for copying between Aurender models.
○ Target contents will be deleted completely.
○ Instructions on how to use the cloning feature can be found in the Settings section of the Aurender App.



9. Volume Control Support - The Aurender App supports volume control for the following products.
○ MSB DAC volume control (USB cable connection required)
○ Aurender V1000 (USB portable DAC + Headphone amp)
○ Aurender X725 Integrated Amp with DSD DAC



10. Improved scanner function.
○ Better compatibility.
11. Improved USB copying
○ Now can copy DSD files also.
○ USB copying can be unstable and is not recommended for copying terabytes of files.
○ We are working on enhancing this feature.
12. Improved NAS settings and connection
13. The Aurender X100 can now display volume meters on the front panel display, like the W20 and S10.
14. Fixed occasional synchronization problem with Aurender App and Server.
15. Improved stability of the Aurender App for iPad.
16. Many other minor improvements and bug fixes.