Aurender App Version 1.8.24 / System Software Version 4(5).1.46

Released on Nov. 2014

Details on new features and improvements are as follows:
1. Now supports Aurender Conductor for Android (Kitkat 4.4 or later**)
2. Added Remote Internet Support Mode to the X100 Recovery USB
  ○ More detailed and helpful information will appear, if there is a booting problem.
3. Fixed problem with the ISO not being copied when copying files from a USB device.
4. Fixed problem in certain cases where several firmware downloaders operated simultaneously.
5. Fix iOS5 & iOS8 app crash issue.
6. Fix index for albums view with the sort by Artist.
7. Fix Download DB failed in specific case
8. Apply Portuguese & Korean
** Google, Android and Kitkat are registered trademarks of Google Inc