Aurender App Version 1.8.28 / System Software Version 4(5).1.65

Released on Dec. 5 2014

Details on new features and improvements are as follows:
1. Improve recovery process for X100.
2. Improve volume control for Aurender FLOW
3. Supports Goldmund Micrometis Wireless speaker with volume control
4. Improve OSX NAS connection issue.
5. Improve the folder navigation feature.
  ○ Locate the selected when back button is pressed.
6. Improve NAS adding UI
7. Update Korean, French, German & Japanese
8. Fix iOS 5 crash issue when touching currently playing song's album cover to see the larger image.
9. Fix X725 related issues
  ○ Now Aurender does not remember old volumes for X725
10. Fix other minor issue and improve stability