SYSO 4(5).14.40 / Conductor 2.9.11 / ACS SYSO 1.0.12 / ACSManager 1.0

Released on October 3 2018

Aurender System Software 4(5).14.40 
1. Support for ACS Extended Mode (expanded storage with ACS)
2. Improved connection when using a NAS
3. Minor bug fixes
Aurender Conductor 2.9.11 
(changes from 2.9.10)
1. ACS connectivity feature added  (changes from 2.9.9)
2. French language translation improved
ACSManager 1.0 (iPad only) (Only for ACS10)
ACS System Software 1.0.12 
CD Ripping and Tagging History: User can check status of ripping / tagging.
SmartCopy: User can transfer from other Aurender unit / USB HDD or NAS to ACS10. 
SmartTag Editor: User can edit fields of metadata of ripped albums and existing stored content. 
Settings: Behaviour settings for ripping, storage etc.
For additional information, please refer to the web owner's manual.
Known Limitations:
ACSManager works only in portrait mode on the iPad.
ACS10 cannot play content other than 16bit 44/48kHz while ripping a CD.
Ripping function cannot be accessed while playing.
Cannot play music while copying files using SmartCopy
We plan to eliminate these limitations through further software optimization on our next version release.

Please make sure to upgrade ACS10 system software to the latest version.