System SW 4.3.130(5.3.130) / App 2.1.20

Released on July 14 2015

  • Supports N10

             a. Eliminated potential to crash on Artist or Playlist view.
             b. TIDAL streaming resolution indicator stabilized (sometimes it would not show).
             c. Fixed not all tracks loaded to queue when adding tracks from a playlist or an album.
             d. Fixed login failure due to unusual characters in password.
             e. Fixed random display of nonsensical characters next to Artist Info on front panel display.

  • Now you can load tracks on the playlist editor to the queue without saving
  • Fixed volume control UI for specific DACs not showing.
  • Improved and stabilized refresh of player settings. 
  • Manual search function added for locating Aurender on network.
  • New UI to show Aurender Name and IP Address on front panel display.
  • Improved connectivity to NAS drive.
  • Improved USB storage compatibility.
  • Improved power-off and restart process.
  • Improved DSD128 playback through USB on models S10 and W20 (DSD128 only supported by USB).
  • Updated German, French, Japanese, Polish and Portuguese languages.
  • Fixed various issues with Scanner.
  • Fixed M4A detection problem on 4.3.129(5.3.19)
  • Improved or fixed many small items.