System SW 4.3.155(5.3.155)

Released on September 24 2015

Changes from 4(5).3.130

  • New: Added new mode for queue playback that will playback a single track then pause.  Manually selecting the next track will resume play and pause will happen again when track is finished. To select this mode, you need Aurender Conductor V.2.2.4 or later.
  • New: IP address of Aurender shown under song title on AMOLED front panel display when song in not playing
  • Improved stability 
  • Improved audio file and cover art detection
  • Improved DAC support (T+A Elektroakustik)
  • Improved network connectivity under conditions where Aurender IP address may change
  • Fixed: Aurender may stop playing TIDAL tracks
  • Fixed: NAS folders may lose connection after power on/off 
** After upgrade, an Aurender will start "Clean Scan" so you need to run AMM after scan finished, if you used AMM to scan your NAS shares.
** Please use the newly released AMM version(2.7.0)  to scan NAS contents.
For those who have been using beta version of AMM for Windows. Please use the new version also.