System SW 4.4.58(5.4.58) / App 2.5.x

Released on March 2 2016

New features

1. Support for Qobuz

2. Smart Copy feature

Copying files and folders can now be done within the app.

You can copy music files from NAS or external USB drive without using PC/Mac.

Models with two internal HDDs - when target HDD is full, Aurender will copy to the second HDD automatically.

  • There is only a copy feature. Not delete or change name. They are in our future to-do list.

3. W20 supports on-the-fly DSD to PCM conversion up to DSD64.

  • N10 has had DSD to PCM conversion since the introduction. N10 supports up to DSD128.


1. Improved DAC compatibility.

2. AMM(Aurender Media Manager) Ver. 3.2 is easier to use.

Requirement to mount NAS drive before using the AMM has been eliminated.
You can mount drive within AMM.

For Mac:

For Windows:


Bug Fix

1. Add-to-Next using TIDAL - now a song added goes not to the end of the queue

2. W20 stuck after trying to play DSD128 without a USB DAC.

3. Other bugs fixed and overall stability and usability improved.


If you have any problem with the new software, please send remote support using iPad Aurender Conductor App.(It’s under the Settings->Help)

if your iPad is not configured for email, please send email to