System SW 4(5).11.36 / App

Released on March 5 2018

* New Features

  • MQA core decoder update can be purchased from within Aurender Conductor.
    - MQA core decoder can be enabled/disabled by user.
    - This update is not needed for A10, as it has MQA full decoding.
    - This software update is not suitable for S10 model.
  • TIDAL MQA Search
    Now you can search MQA albums with keyword.
  • Support for Merging Technology NADAC and RAVENNA compatible DAC.
    When using RAVENNA support, USB output will be disabled (currently in beta stage).

* Improvements and bug fixes

  • Update to SAMBA supporting SMBv2 for security reasons and with improved connectivity.
  • Now front panel display will indicate name of internet radio station when playing.
  • Fixed HDD icon. Sometimes not indicating when HDD is spinning on N10, S10 and W20.
  • Improved Internet radio compatibility
  • Fixed instance when app cannot delete specific internet radio station from Favorites.
  • Now Playback Control section expands when Queue view is expanded.
  • Improved DSD file compatibility.
  • Now display of HiRes logo for Qobuz HiRes albums.
  • Improved compatibility with specific DAC's
  • Fixed minor bugs and improved overall stability.