System SW 4(5).13.31 / App

Released on August 6 2018

New Features 
* Internet radio enabled for all countries
- You can browse internet radio stations listed in
- Also, several stations will be listed in the recommended sections including BBC Radio stations.
- For more information, please check here[]
* Support for Spanish language
* MQA Unfold - Output is now 24-bit instead of 0 padded 32-bit.
* Display will now index by: album by artist, composer, conductor, and genre accelerating library navigation.
* Improved TIDAL Master search feature
* HDD icon is now solidly illuminated instead of flashing when internal HDD is spinning.
* Improved overall DAC compatibility.
* Improved overall DSD playback.
- USB output is now muted (as opposed to downsampled) if attempt is made to play a DSD128 file when connected to a USB DAC that has less then a 176.4kHz sampling rate capability.
* Improved translation for German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
* General improvements for streaming playback.
* Improved overall stability.
Bug fixes 
* Fixed incorrect information readout for DSD when playing.
* Fixed incorrect information readout of bit-width of file playing.
* Fixed minor UI bug for TIDAL service
* Fixed several other minor bugs.