System SW 4(5).3.107 / App 2.1.8

Released on May 12 2015

    Changes from 2.0.7 and 4(5).3.83
    - Improved TIDAL/WiMP support
        ○ You can share TIDAL items(track, artist, album and playlist) with other Aurender users.
        ○ Support playlist create/edit
        ○ Support playlist search
        ○ Support top tracks for artists
        ○ Can change order for favorites (Sort by title or added date)
        ○ Fix failed to get password from Aurender if password is too long or complicated.
        ○ Shows streaming quality for the playing track
        ○ Pull bottom to refresh to load more 

    - Can start copying from the USB storage to the internal HDD
        ○ Can start from Settings-Disc Information page
        ○ Can start by long press the USB folder in "Folder" view

    - Improved UI
        ○ Change summary text color when filter is set.
        ○ Improved Aurender system software version check.

    - Improved scanner
        ○ Improved file compatibility
        ○ Fix many bugs

    - Works with Aurender Media Manager(AMM) 2.1.0
        ○ Changes from AMM 1.4.0
            § Improved the scan speed
            § Fix many bugs.

    - Fixed many bugs