System SW 4(5).5.91 / App 2.7

Released on June 20 2016

Software release 4(5).5.91 / App 2.7

​Aurender is continually working on implementing new features and functionality to both the system software on our music servers, and our Conductor App for the iPad, based on customer feedback and tips. 

Our newest software update includes internet radio for select European markets (The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Czechoslovakia), as well as improvements to our TIDAL streaming integration, with additional options for sorting TIDAL favorites. For Qobuz users, playlist images are now loaded as well.

For content located on the internal storage, the order of albums while searching within a genre is now an option, using a long press of the window header. Also, an existing saved playlist can be added to the queue without clearing the queue, by long pressing a playlist name and selecting “Add to end”.

Now, when pressing either the front panel power button, or shutting the unit down from the app, the device will turn off completely- allowing a safe disconnection from AC power with the rear panel rocker switch. 

Due to various requests, we have removed the location services check within the app, improved the speed of our shutdown, and increased the overall stability of the platform by repairing small bugs that were affecting performance. The software is also now able to detect if multichannel DFF/DSD files are present and filters them from the results, as we only support 2-channel playback.

Update your Aurender music server and Conductor App to take advantage of these new features and improvements.