System SW 4(5).9.27 / App 2.8.1503

Released on February 28 2017

We are excited to announce our latest updates for Aurender System Software and our award-winning Conductor App!

A major component of the update is new system software for the A10, enabling Full Decoder MQA file playback from the internal DAC, with MQA content status displayed on the A10's front panel. In addition, when used with the A10, the Conductor App will now display MQA file information.

Additional features and improvements are available for all models, including a new “Add to my library” feature for seamless integration of Tidal, Qobuz, and other (where applicable) streaming content with the local library, a “Masters” tab for filtering MQA Master Albums from Tidal Albums, and the ability to filter and identify locally stored MQA content more easily with Conductor.

Please see the information below for a full list of additions and improvements. For questions, please refer to our FAQs page, or contact

New Features

​"Add to my library" for Streaming Content 

  • Streaming content metadata can be added to the local library by long pressing the album cover or song title and selecting "Add to my library". 
  • When the streaming content metadata is selected from the local library, it will initiate streaming the file from the associated music subscription service.
  • Multiple albums or songs can be added to the library or selected for other actions such as playback.
  • Please see the links for more details: - Add to My Library - - Select Multiple -

MQA  (Master Quality Authenticated)
  • The A10 is a certified Full Decoder MQA DAC.
  • If an MQA file is in the local content library, the MQA icon is displayed next to the song title when browsing content. (All models)*
  • MQA files can be filtered from the library by long pressing the bit/sample rate button. (All models)*
  • The A10 will display MQA decoding status from the front panel and the app. 
  • Please see the link for more detail: - MQA -
  • *To experience full MQA sound quality, the Aurender must be connected to a certified MQA DAC that is configured properly. A10 users can rest assured MQA content is fully decoded (to the analog outputs only) by noting the status of the file from the front panel indicator and the App. 

  • Tidal MQA Masters Albums can now be filtered from the Albums section.
  • If applicable, album credits and album reviews are now displayed in the expanded window view by swiping the contents window to the right and swiping up on the Song and Album details. See link for more details:   - Song and Album Detail -

Qobuz (only available in certain regions)
  • A one month free trial is now available under the Streaming tab in Conductor. More information is available at the link: - Qobuz Free Trial -
  • Scrubbing within a track is now supported.​

A10 Specific Updates
  • A direct output* option is now available, which disables the volume UI and sets the line-level RCA (2.0v) and Balanced XLR (4.0v) outputs to a fixed volume (0.0dB) when using the A10 with an external preamplifier and volume control from the App or supplied remote is not desired.  *Note: Be sure to not accidentally enable the Direct Output when connecting the A10 directly to an amplifier, as any sound played back will be sent to the amplifier at the A10's max output, which could damage equipment, hearing, or both.
  • Setting the analog filter now requires the user to apply changes, making it easier to avoid accidental changes to the filter.
  • More information is available at this link: - A10 New Features -

Bugs Music (Korean lossless streaming service, only available to certain regions) 
  • Lyrics are now displayed.

​​Melon (Korean lossless streaming service, only available to certain regions)
  • Melon streaming service is now available.

Internet Radio
  • Internet radio is available for France also.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

AMS (Aurender Media Software)

  • The rule for detecting albums has changed. The folder (directory) is the boundary for an album, so that tracks (music files) for an album should be located all together under the same (direct) folder. Music files duplicated over the folders are no longer treated as the same album.
  • Improved tag handling for specific files.

N10/W20 Specific Changes
  • Fixed an issue where DSD to PCM conversion was not working with an 88.2kHz sampling rate under certain conditions.

Other Additional Changes
  • Improved DSD file playback.
  • Improved the power on/off process.
  • Improved AirPlay performance, it will no longer drop connection under certain conditions.
  • Improved DAC compatibility, in particular Accuphase DAC compatibility.
  • Many other small improvements and bug fixes.