New Software for All Aurender Music Servers/Players.

Aurender App.

1. Support for TIDAL Lossless Streaming Service

Instant access to CD-quality streaming service TIDAL is now integrated within the Aurender Conductor iPad app. With the touch of a button, access to TIDAL's over 25 million tracks is both quick and easy. Exclusive to Aurender / TIDAL control  is the ability to mix both TIDAL tracks with your own stored library content to create the perfect playlist to suit any mood!

2. NAS Support

Aurender models W20 and X100L offer up to 12TB of internal HDD storage. Using Aurender's internal HDD storage is the easiest way to import, manage and enjoy your music library. However, if you already have your music library stored on a NAS drive, Aurender Conductor can now access your NAS drive content with full support of metadata and album art. Download AMM (Aurender Music Management) to your computer from the Aurender website for the scanning of meta-tags of files located on the NAS. AMM is now available for Mac and a Windows version is scheduled to launch around June, 2015(edited in April 21). Please refer to the AMM manual on the Aurender website for additional information.

3. USB HDD Support. 

If your music library resides on a USB hard drive, to get started simply attach it to your computer and run Aurender Media Manager. AMM will scan the drive's contents and upload the meta-tag database to the Aurender.  Attach the drive to the Aurender's USB port and enjoy the music. Of course root directory file browsing is supported, So if you know the folder path of the file to play on the USB HDD, you can just the plug the USB HDD and select the file and play. There is no need to run AMM. But the coverart or other meta-tag will not show.

4. High-Resolution Album Art Support. 

Our latest software update now provides support of high-resolution album artwork when viewed on a Retina Screen iPad. To activate, select "Settings"->"Scanner" and activate "Use HD Cover".