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 If Aurender's €15'000 W20 is representative of the best current servers—I don't know—it would seem to take a lot of engineering effort to improve just minorly upon a current quad-core Mac computer properly set up to do only music. To work in lieu of a computer whereby online music downloads, meta-data editing, backup protocols and ripping are integrated into a single dedicated hifi component still seems future talk. With the huge biz of IT and its ever escalating popularity of wireless services, reliance on wireless tablets for library access is an obvious convenience for makers of audiophile servers. It's the way the future is set. These servers just plug into it. Why reinvent the wheel? WiFi-intolerant fossils like yours truly simply have little to no say in it. To be contrarian like ownership of this site affords me for a mini blip on the screen, I wish someone as serious about engineering as Aurender would give us another option. I also wish they'd install in their server a fully functioning operating system. Only that would realize the server promise to truly replace a computer, not just lazily coat-tail on one. But one can always hope. For a completely different take on this subject and proper balance, refer to our prior review of the Lumin music server by French contributor Joël Chevassus. It'll show that for every nay there is a yeah, for each hesitation an enthusiastic conviction...

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