Aurender N10 - Read About AudioStream’s Rafe Arnot’s Sonic Epiphany

N10 preview - AudioStream

I’ve heard tell that subtlety is an art, but I feel that sometimes the art lies in not being subtle at all.
Subtlety can come in many forms, there is the barely-there glance between two people when the laws of attraction are piqued, or the hint of vanilla hidden deep in the tasting notes of a single-malt Scotch, or the almost unnoticed taper of a lapel on a bespoke suit.

There is also the arrest-me-red ’65 Ferrari 275 GTB long nose that lacks any subtlety at all in its presence, the same goes for the yellow laces on a pair of leather brogues and the same could be said for replacing your PC or Mac with an Aurender music server.

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