Early impressions of the Aurender Flow

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Early impressions of the Aurender Flow DAC/Amp portable component

By AnakChan

Overall, the Flow has highly impressed me. It's pushed the sonics of portable audio that borders some serious desktop level components in a portable form. It's not without it's flaws though. I do wish the battery life is a little longer. In addition, interoperability with iDevices can be a little finicky especially if A/Bing with other portable components. There are particular sequences to execution whenever switching back 'n forth between the Flow and other portable DAC/Amps on the iDevice. I also do wish there was a 3.5mm, and balanced output would have been nice too. However, it's output on the 1/4 jack has surpassed some of the other balanced portable components that one wonders if balanced is even needed (or how much better balanced on the Flow could be).

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