Highly recommended

W20 Review - SoundStage Ultra


With the Aurender W20, TVLogic has taken the heavy lifting out of computer audio. One needn’t worry about choices of software or hardware, configuration protocols, parasitic electrical noise, or ground-loop effects. Like the top-flight CD players of old, this edge-of-the-art platform is more high-end than the many-headed Hydras of most computer-audio systems. More important, the W20 pulls out all the stops and hits all the right notes of file management and playback.

That said, the Aurender W20 is not for everyone. That honor -- for most everyone, at least -- may well go to Aurender’s X100L and X100S, which Jeff Fritz ran through their paces with wonderful results. However, for the well-heeled, obsessive-compulsive audiophile, and/or all who have invested in statement-level digital gear and strive to eliminate from their systems any compromises, the W20 should fit the bill. And if you’ve bought a dCS Vivaldi digital playback system, what’s stopping you? It seems to me that one without the other would be like buying a Ferrari 458 Italia without opting for the carbon-ceramic brakes. Highly recommended.

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