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Aurender W20 Review

by  The Computer Audiophile

The Aurender W20 is a purpose built race car that does one thing very well, it plays music that sounds better than any server I've ever used. When connected to great components the W20 enables one to hear into the music, with a low noise floor and clean signal, like nothing else. The flagship W20 is an engineering based marvel not dependent on high end hocus-pocus to turn heads and enthrall the ears. The server's maintenance free battery powered, and in-house designed, audio board in addition to intense isolation, both electrical and physical, are far beyond any server I've used to date. The Aurender W20 makes CAPS servers look like children's toys with inferior sound. It's not possible to compete with the W20 using an off the shelf computer or individual computer components cherry picked from around the world. The Aurender team has designed and built, from the ground up, the W20 too such a standard, hobbyists can only dream about duplicating its form and function. Whether the listener connects it to a full dCS externally clocked stack or an Alpha DAC via AES or an EMM Labs DAC2X via USB the Aurender W20 will provide listeners the best chance of hearing everything on a recording without editorializing. The Aurender W20 has displaced the CAPS v3 Carbon server in my system and is without a doubt the best music server I've used to date. 

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