The first truly wireless premium stereo loudspeaker

S5W - Computer Audiophile

The Aurender S5W is the first truly wireless premium stereo loudspeaker about which I know. It's an innovative product from an innovative company. The 11 pound anodized aluminum enclsoure feels substantial and gives one a good feeling about spending a fair amount of money on the loudspeakers. The ease of use is unsurpassed by any wireless technology or connection method currently available. Connecting the wireless USB adapter to an iPhone is all that's required. Open any music app, press play, and lossless music will stream from the phone to the S5W speakers. This point can't be underestimate. Anyone who has used Bluetooth will understand how great it is that no device pairing is required and no home wifi network is required. 

The fact that these speakers are battery powered is great on many levels. It's the only way to achieve a truly wireless design and it's a pretty audiophile thing to have in a product. A battery enables off-the-grid audio in true audiophile fashion. After using the S5W speakers for a couple months I'm very satisfied with the sound quality. All my favorite music was very enjoyable via the S5W. I wasn't limited to one or two types of music, like some loudspeakers, and I wasn't limited by the longevity of listening time. The batteries are industrial strength. The proof in the pudding for me was listening to the entire 90 minute Sara Bareilles performance without so much as checking an email, switching tracks, or writing a critical note. The Aurender S5W enabled me to sit back, see absolutely zero wires and enjoy a great live performance. Great stuff. 

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