The sound is excellent and matching many other larger high-end units

FLOW Review - Audiophileon


During the Aurender Flow review I have been massively impressed.  The company have came from relative obscurity in the audiophile world to produce a portable DAC and Amplifier which I am pretty sure is about to light genre on fire.  The Chord Hugo set the path last year for this sort of product but Aurender have made something that sounds every bit as impressive, massively undercuts the formers price by around $1000 and offers up what I find a more useful feature set. The sound is excellent, matching many other larger high-end units and the decision to include a slot for SSD up to 1TB is genius, especially in a world of paltry drives included with laptops.  Battery life might not be the greatest at just 7 hours but its more than likely that you will be using the unit near a power source anyway as the size is just on the side of restrictive for pocketable use.  All in its testament to the reality that high-end portable audio is growing fast and after a fair amount of years living with limited options in portable source components we are in the midst of a golden age.

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