If you encountered this message when you try to connect to Aurender sever, 

1. Press "Windows key" + "R" to open "Run" window.

And type "control" then OK button. 

2. Click "Programs and Features" in the Control Panel.

It is easy to find "Programs and Features", If you just type “pro” in the search box at the top-right corner. 

3. Click "Turn Windows features on or off"

4. Check "SMB 1.0/CIFS Client" then Click Ok.

5. Lastly, restart Windows. You will be able to connect to the Aurender server.



No. You do not need AMM for the content inside N100H.

After you finish coping of the contets to the internal 2TB HDD inside the N100H, Aurender will automatically process the meta-data(like cover art) and present then on the iPad App after the process finishes.

It can take a minute or an hour depends on how much content you copied to and how much content you already had in side the Aurender.


There are a few reasons.

1. We’d like to be very picky with the software function that Aurender’s main unit. Aurender’s most important duty is playing music files at it’s best sound quality. The more program runs on the Aurender, you have more chances of deteriorating the sound quality.
Scanning process requires active CPU cycle and network traffic, which can easily affect the sound quality if you listen to the music while Aurender scans NAS contents. Scanning time can be days rather than hours if your network connection is slow you access NAS from other computers while scanning the NAS you have lot’s of files.

2. Aurender’s CPU is not the fastest CPU available. It’s fast enough for music playback. Unlike general computer, higher clock and faster CPU do not always give best results in terms of sound quality.

AMM is available for Mac/PC. So, if your PC/Mac has a faster CPU more memory, faster network speed, it will run faster.

Yes, with the latest program. You were not able to play contents on the USB HDD with the old Aurender App.

With the latest App and AMM you can play the contents on the USB HDD.
If you do not need to see meta-tags like album cover art, you can just plug the USB HDD to the USB port at the back of the Aurender.
You can use Folder menu to play files on the USB HDD.
If you want to see the meta-tags of the music files on the USB HDD, you can run AMM while the USB HDD is attached to the MAC/PC.
After AMM finishes, you can detach the USB HDD from the MAC/PC and attache the USB HDD to the Aurender.
You will see all the meta-tags same as the contents of internal HDD.

* We found a few DACs not compatible with Aurender when used with external HDD.

* The following devices are known that it has problem when music is played from USB HDD.

* Ayre USB DAC, Grace Design m903, Berkelely Alpha USB(USB to SPDIF converter) 

* Playing from internal storage or NAS is okay.




As of April 21.2015 Mac version is available for free download from the website. PC version is expected in June.(Edited in April 21)

No. Aurender supports only one USB

1. Please download the Aurender Conductor App from the Apple App store. (V2.07 or latest)

2. Run the Aurender Conductor App and click the Settings icon  

(If you are prompted to upgrade to the new system software please do so. System software 5(4).3.78 or later is recommended.)

3. Chose "Streaming setup" menu

4. Enter Username and password

5. Click Check Login

6. Change menu bar selection (for example, from Artis to Album or Album to Song)

7. You will see "Aurender" on the title bar and click "Aurender"

8. Click "Go to TIDAL"

9. Title bar display will change from Aurender to TIDAL and You will see the TIDAL menu and Albums

(If you cannot see TIDAL menu but only see waiting icon, exit the Aurender Conductor App and run the App again)






Music servers vary by the numbers and types of digital audio outputs and storage capacity. Please refer to the comparison table (at the bottom of the linked page) for more information.


We have beta version of the software as of Feb.11.2015 which supports TIDAL service.
Other services are planned but there is no firm schedule.

No. We recommend using a Mac or PC for ripping CDs.

Keep Informed