Yes. Playing contents of your NAS(Network-attached storage) from Aurender can be achieved in two different ways. 

1. Connecting through "NAS Share"

From Settings > "NAS Share" on the Conductor App, you can set up a connection to the NAS folder. However, music playback will be only available through the Folder tab in the app. 

2. Using Aurender Media Manager (AMM)

Using the AMM software will enable you to browse though the contents of the NAS as if it were a part of the music server itself. Refer to the link below for more details.

AMM User Manual

The Aurender Conductor has been developed and designed to utilize the full screen of the iPad screen. Conductor App for Android devices is available with limited functionality. iPhone version is not available as of now. 

Aurender Media Manger, or AMM is a auxiliary software for Aurender music servers that allows you to scan music files on your NAS (Network-attached storage) or your USB disk drive and browse/play them through Aurender's own Conductor iPad App. It's available for download on a Mac, and the PC version is coming soon.

You can access Aurender’s HDD from PC/Mac through the computer network. Once connected, you can just drag and drop to copy contents from PC/Mac to Aurender.
The user name and password to access the Aurender network from PC/Mac can be found on the Aurender iPad App Settings.

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