Can I use external USB HDD?

Yes, with the latest program. You were not able to play contents on the USB HDD with the old Aurender App.

With the latest App and AMM you can play the contents on the USB HDD.
If you do not need to see meta-tags like album cover art, you can just plug the USB HDD to the USB port at the back of the Aurender.
You can use Folder menu to play files on the USB HDD.
If you want to see the meta-tags of the music files on the USB HDD, you can run AMM while the USB HDD is attached to the MAC/PC.
After AMM finishes, you can detach the USB HDD from the MAC/PC and attache the USB HDD to the Aurender.
You will see all the meta-tags same as the contents of internal HDD.

* We found a few DACs not compatible with Aurender when used with external HDD.

* The following devices are known that it has problem when music is played from USB HDD.

* Ayre USB DAC, Grace Design m903, Berkelely Alpha USB(USB to SPDIF converter) 

* Playing from internal storage or NAS is okay.




Asked on 2/12/15, 8:23 AM

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