How do I setup TIDAL Service to use with Aurender?

1. Please download the Aurender Conductor App from the Apple App store. (V2.07 or latest)

2. Run the Aurender Conductor App and click the Settings icon  

(If you are prompted to upgrade to the new system software please do so. System software 5(4).3.78 or later is recommended.)

3. Chose "Streaming setup" menu

4. Enter Username and password

5. Click Check Login

6. Change menu bar selection (for example, from Artis to Album or Album to Song)

7. You will see "Aurender" on the title bar and click "Aurender"

8. Click "Go to TIDAL"

9. Title bar display will change from Aurender to TIDAL and You will see the TIDAL menu and Albums

(If you cannot see TIDAL menu but only see waiting icon, exit the Aurender Conductor App and run the App again)






Asked on 3/14/15, 10:40 AM

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