AMM (Aurender Media Manager) for MAC

Notes to the users of old version AMM 1.x

This AMM is a major release and we got rid of many bugs and also increased scan speed significantly.
But, since the change is big, your old meta-tag database will be removed and you will need to run new AMM  to recover meta-tag database including the cover art.
If old version of AMM(v 1.x) is installed in your Mac, we are sorry that there is a step you need to do before you install AMM 2.1.0
Please follow the instruction below.
1. Uninstall (Delete) the previous version of AMM manually.
2. Delete the old Settings files of AMM:
    Mac: $HOME/Library/Preferences/ammgui.conf


How to remove AMM setting file.

step1) Finder Preferences

Open Finder > Finder > Preferences > Sidebar > Home Menu check 


step2) home folder menu

open finder > Home > Setting  > Show View Options.


step3) show view option

check Show Library Foler


step4) remove setting files

go to “HOME/Library/Preferences” folder.
Delete below files.  “ammgui.conf”,“AurenderMediaManager.conf” 
using (command key + delete key) or drag and drop to trash folder