Aurender Media Manager User Guide   




Download the Application

Please click the link below to download the compressed file.

(* Only Mac version is available as of (July.16.2015). a PC version of the app is not available yet(edited in July.16)



1. Using the Finder app, go to the downloaded folder. Double-click the downloaded file to unzip.


2. Move the unzipped to the Applications folder


Running the Program

1. Run the AMM(Aurender Media Manager) by double-clicking the application icon.

If you see the message below, press "Open".

Preparing NAS shared folder for AMM

          With the Finder app active on you Mac, press Command + K.

Type the name of your NAS after "smb://"

You can check the name of your NAS in "Finder" windows under the Shared tab.

* Please specifically use the name of your NAS as the address, not its IP address, for the IP address could change, and that would ensuein a broken connection.  


Using AMM (Aurender Media Manager) 

  • Click "Select Aurender"  

  • You will see a list of Aurender Music Servers/Players in your network.
  • Select the Aurender you want to connect with your NAS.
  • Press Back button

  • Add the NAS drive share by clicking the "Add Share" Button.

  • Select the NAS share that you mounted with the COMMAND+K shortcut in the previous section.

  • Enter the User ID and Pasword of your NAS

  • Press "Start Scan" 

  • The scanning process is searching the all the music files in the NAS Share and read the meta-tags information to make database for Aurender to use.
  • It is needed to show album cover arts and other information like artist, song title, genre..
  • It can take hours depending on the number of tracks in your NAS.
  • When the scan is completed, you will see a message like the below image.


Ready to Go!

If you see the message above on your Mac, it means you're ready to browse through the NAS selections from your Aurender Music Server/Player.  You can use your iPad Aurender Conductor App to browse  music with all the meta-tag information including cover arts.

*(AMM does not download the cover art from the Internet. It only uses the data residing in the files and folders in your NAS at the time of scanning)


Using the USB HDD as a storage

You can alternatively use a USB HDD attached to your Mac rather than a NAS Share.

1. Connect the USB HDD with the music files you want to the Mac.

2. Chose one of the USB HDD AMM detected

3. Press Start Scan


4. When done, quit AMM, eject the USB HDD properly

5. Connect the USB HDD to the USB port of Aurender. 

6. You are ready to go! You will see all the musics on the USB HDD on the Aurender Conductor iPad App.


Caution: Aurender only supports a single USB storage at a time. The USB storage scanned database will be erased and replaced by the new USB storage connection upon a new scan.




- The scanning speed will vary with the size of the source volume and the network speed.

- AMM Scanning is supported with system software version 4(5).3.83 or higher,  and iPad App Version 2.0.7 or higher.