User guide for  

  Aurender Media Manager 3.x   


What is AMM(Aurender Media Manager)?

  • AMM is a program to let users browse music contents in NAS storages or a USB storage just like music contents in the internal HDDs of Aurender. After you scan your NAS shares and/or a USB storage, you can browse contents by artist, composer, conductor, album title and genre with album covers in the app.
  • To use AMM with Aurender, your Aurender must be updated to 4.4.58/5.4.58 or later.



Installing AMM


  • Installing AMM on Mac OS X  (OS X v10.9 or later is required.)

    1. To run AMM, your Mac  OS X Mavericks or later.
    2. Download AMM from Aurender home page.
    3. If the version of AMM is 1.x, then please remove the current version. Otherwise, unzip the downloaded file and install the app by moving AMM to the Applications folder or any other folder you want to install.
    4. T o start AMM for the first time, please select the app and open the context menu and select “Open”. You will be asked to open an app from unidentified developer, then select Yes.



Using AMM to scan NAS shares

a.    When you start the app, AMM will display Aurenders in your network.
b.    Select an Aurender from the list to prepare information for your music contents on NAS shares or a USB storage.
* If there is only one Aurender, it will be selected by default.
* If you don’t see any Aurender from the list, click the Smart Search button. 
c.    Click the Back button.
d.    To scan NAS folders, please select NAS.
e.    Add a shared folder of NAS by pressing Add Share button.
f.    You will see a list of NAS and when select a NAS, you will see shared  folders. After select a shared folder to connect, please enter User ID and Password to connect the selected shared folder on the NAS.
       *If your NAS doesn't allow browsing shared folders with guest account due to the security issues,
         you can enter User ID and Password first then select the NAS device again then the shared 
        folder list will be displayed.
g.    If you want to add multiple shared folders, repeat step “f”.
h.    Click Start Scan button. 

* For the scanning spee d, we recommend to use wired network. Even, we recommend to disable Wi-Fi to make sure AMM can use wired network.


i.    Once scanning is finished, please press Exit button.
j.    The Aurender Conductor app will download an updated information.



Using AMM to scan a USB storage

a.    You can scan a USB memory stick or USB hard disk.

b.    Select USB button from type selecting combo box.
c.    Scanning a USB storage
i.    Please connect a USB storage to PC/Mac.
ii.    Start AMM.
iii.    Select USB like below picture. 
iv.    Select a USB storage to scan from the list.
v.    Click Start Scan button.
vi.    Once scanning is finished, please press Exit button.
vii.    The Aurender Conductor app will download an updated information.


​Precautions when scan a USB storage.
  • You can scan only one USB storage. 
  • If you scan more than one USB storage, you only can see the last scanned USB storage data.
  • The volume name of a USB storage must be English Alphabets only. So, if it has other than English Alphabets, please rename it.
  • For a USB hard disk, we recommend to use one with an external power supply.
  • Some USB storage might not be compatible with Aurender.
  • With a USB storage with the power saving mode, it may not work properly. If you have a problem, please try again after turn off the power saving feature.
  • Please make sure to detach a USB storage safely, otherwise the storage might be corrupted and lose the data in the storage. Please backup your DATA to save place before use it. 


Options for AMM

Precautions : Your changes will be applied after restat AMM. 

●    Font size

○    You can change the font size.

●    About AurenderMediaManager 

○    Can check the version and history.

●    Send logs to

○    You can send there is a problem so developers can fix the issue with detail information.



○    A PC or Mac must be in the same network where a Aurender is connected.

○    For the scanning speed, we recommend to use wired network. Even, we recommend to disable
       Wi-Fi to make sure AMM can use wired network.

○    If AMM cannot find your aurender, you still can add it using IP address of Aurender. You can see
      the IP address with Aurender Conductor App or in the front panel of Aurender.
      When an aurender is not playing, it will display the IP address at the bottom of screen.


○    The scanning speed may vary depends on the network environment and size of the libraray. 

○    To use AMM 3.x, your aurender must be updated to 4.4.58/5.4.58 or later.

○    To scan a USB storage, please make sure the volume name of aurender to English only.