Aurender App–Settings

Turn on the Aurender Application and then tap the Settings icon located in the upper right hand corner of the screen under the search window.

The Settings window will appear with tabs for Server, Scanner, AMOLED Display, General, Upgrade, NAS Share, NAS Server, Music Player, Version, and Help.




Settings : Server

Tap the settings icon located under the search window and the Setting menu with tabs for Server, Scanner, AMOLED Display, General, Upgrade, NAS Share, NAS Server, Music Player, Version, and Help will appear. Press the server tab and related options will appear in the window on the right.


 Select Aurender Server  

Select the Aurender music player by tapping the name. The application will connect to the server and a check mark will appear next to the name.

Change Server Name

Type in the new name and tap Save.

Network Information

Displays Server Name, IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS, MAC Address and other information.

Disk Information

Lists Volume Label, Aurender State (On/Off/Standby), Space Used, Space Free, Space Total, and Folder Path.

Set Date and Time

Sets the Aurender time and date to the iPad.

Set Aurender to iPad Language

Please note that with some languages, characters may appear broken, unless the language setting is set to those languages. For this reason, we recommend setting the Language to the Language of the iPad. (from App 1.5.09 /System Software 2.0.41 and above)

Use Standby

Setting this to ON will enable the Aurender to be turned on and off using the iPad. However, when this setting is enabled, pressing once on the front panel Power button will only put the Aurender into Standby Mode. To turn the Aurender completely off, the Power button needs to be depressed until the Power button light starts to flash. Release and wait for the Aurender to power down and shut off completely. Improperly shutting down or abruptly disconnecting power to the Aurender may cause permanent damage to system. (from App 1.5.09 /System Software 2.0.41 and above)

System Commands

Standby – When in standby mode, press this button to remotely toggle the Aurender on,
or put into standby.
Restart – Press to reboot the Aurender.
Turn Off – Press to power down and completely turn off the Aurender.

Remote Support Request from Server menu

Users can now also request remote support by long pressing the server name on the server list and then pressing the Start Remote Support button as shown below:




Settings : Scanner

Turn on the Aurender Application and then tap the Settings icon    located in the upper right hand corner of the screen under the search window.


If there are no more changes to the folders or files on the hard disk drive for over a minute, then the Aurender Music Player will automatically scan and upload the song database to the iPad, so that the changes can be seen on the Aurender App. Depending on the size of database, this can take a few seconds to over a minute.

Tapping this will upload song information from the Aurender Music Player to the iPad. This function is not normally needed since this is done automatically one minute after the last changes to to the song database.

After adding files to the Aurender, the files need to be scanned before they are seen on the IPad application. The Aurender App will automatically scan for added, deleted or modified songs after one minute has passed without any changes.

Complete scanning of large music libraries can take a long time. For 55,000 songs, it can take one hour. In normal use, there is no need to use the Scan All Files function.






Adjusts brightness of the front panel AMOLED displays.

Turns AMOLED displays on and off.

Changes display from Song Title, Blue Level Meter, and Brown Level Meter.

This will turn off the front display and red LEDs inside the chassis during playback, except in instances where the Pause button is used. In this case, the display and red LEDs will turn on. (from App 1.5.09 /System Software 2.0.41 and above)

The AMOLED display will automatically dim after being idle for longer than 3 minutes. (from App 1.5.09 /System Software 2.0.41 and above)



Settings : General

Tap to show only albums with covers. Albums without covers will not be displayed, but can be accessed using the Song mode.

Enter number and tap Done. This will show songs added within the set number of days, when the "In __ days" browser button is pressed.

The OFF setting will prevent the iPad from automatically turning off the Aurender iPad Application screen. (from App 1.5.09 /System Software 2.0.41 and above)

Regardless of the setting, if the beginning of the song title is pressed, then the selected song will be added to the queue after the current song and played immediately. However, pressing other areas of the song title will result in one of three actions according to the Song Selection setting. The default setting is "Add to End" and this will add the selected song to the end of the queue. If "Add to Next" is selected, the song will be queued after the current song. "Add to Next and Play" will add the song after the current song and play the song immediately. (from App 1.5.09 /System Software 2.0.41 and above)



Settings : Upgrade

  • Check for latest version

Tap to check for a newer version.

  • Upgrade to the new version : X.X.XX

Tap to upgrade to the newer version.





Settings : NAS Share

To enable the Aurender to be used as an NAS server and accessed by PC, or Mac.

Change NAS password - Enter a new password and tap Save.

Please refer to the section on Transferring Music for details on how to use the Aurender IP address, username and password.



Settings : NAS Server

NAS devices can be used with Aurender music servers and iPad application. However, search and sorting of songs on the NAS are not possible. For personal computers with Windows operating systems, Password Protected Sharing must be disabled and the folders need to be shared, in order for the folders to shown on the Aurender iPad application.

To disable Password Protected Sharing, go to the Network and Sharing Center and turn off "Password Protected Sharing". To share folders, right-click the folder, select Properties. Click the Share tab and click Share. The shared folder should appear on the Shared Folder list under NAS Server >> Browse NAS Servers >> Select NAS Server >> Shared Folders.

To manually add an NAS device, please do as follows;

1. Open the Aurender iPad application. Go to Settings and press "NAS Server".
2. Tap "Browse NAS Server" and select a device from the NAS Server List.
3. Press Browse NAS Server and then press the Add Manually button.
NAS servers should be added manually, if the NAS does not appear on the list or if there is a problem accessing the NAS, please use add the NAS manually. To do this, press Browse NAS Server and another window will appear. Press the Add Manually button and another window will appear asking for the IP address, Username and Password. Enter these and press Connect. The NAS Server will be added to the NAS Server list. (from App 1.5.09 /System Software 2.0.41 and above)

NAS contents will appear in the NAS folder under Folder in the top row category buttons. Please note that songs in the NAS server will not be listed in search and meta-tag based menus (ie. Song, Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, Conductor). Metadata information will be displayed in the song information window when the song is played.

To disconnect an NAS device, go to Settings -> NAS Server. The connected NAS will be listed under "Connected NAS Server List". Swipe the name of the NAS to the left and a red "Delete" button will appear. To delete the NAS, tap the "Delete" button.

Note: After deleting the NAS device, the connection may still exist in certain cases, such as if a song from the deleted NAS server is currently playing. In these cases, the NAS will be disconnected after Aurender is turned off or rebooted.

For those using Windows 7, go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Advance Sharing Settings and check the box for "Turn off password protected sharing".





Settings : Music Player

In the Music Player section are various settings required by some DACs to operate smoothly with the Aurender Music Player.

  • Time delay setting

This setting is for DACs that need time to adjust to sample rate changes. If the beginnings of songs are cut off or there is a slight distortion at the beginning of songs when the sample rate changes, please set the delay time to 3 or 4 seconds and the problems should be solved.

  • SPDIF setting

There are two formats for SPDIF data structure. Most DACs support both, but some legacy DACs only support one. These legacy DACs will work with the Aurender, if the user selects the Consumer format or Professional format. Most DACs accept both formats and this setting has absolutely no effect on the sound quality.

  • Use Fade-In/Out

Depending on the DAC or amplifier setup, pops or clicks may be heard when pausing and restarting songs. Turning on the Fade In/Out option can eliminate these popping sounds. (from App 1.5.09 /System Software 2.0.41 and above)

  • Dual-Wire Mode
To toggle Dual-Wire mode on and off, go to Settings of the iPad App. Turning on Dual-Wire mode will send signals through both AES/EBU outputs. If the Aurender is mistakenly set for Dual-Wire mode and used with a single AES/EBU output, the Aurender will display a sampling rate one-half that of the original rate.
  • Word Clock Mode

*Applies only to W20.

Word Clock is automatically turned on when a word clock signal is detected on the BNC input. When Word Clock mode is on, the SPDIF output will synchronize with the word clock signal.

For 44.1, 88.2 and 176.4 kHz sampling rate music, 44.1, 88.2 and 176.4 kHz word clock or a 22.5792 MHz master clock signal are valid.

For 48, 96 and 192 kHz sampling rate music. 48, 96 and 192 kHz word clock or a 24.576 MHz master clock signal are valid.

An optional USB dongle for dCS Master Clocks is available for automatic word clock frequency selection.






Settings: Streaming setup - TIDAL


1. Please download the Aurender Conductor App from the Apple App Store. (V2.07 or latest)

2. Run the Aurender Conductor App and click the Settings icon  

(If you are prompted to upgrade to the new system software please do so. System software 5(4).3.78 or later is recommended.)

3. Chose "Streaming setup" menu



4. Enter username and password
5. Click Check Login


6. Change menu bar selection (for example, from Artist to Album or Album to Song)

7. You will see "Aurender" on the title bar and click "Aurender"

8. Click "Go to TIDAL"


9. Title bar display will change from Aurender to TIDAL and You will see the TIDAL menu and Albums
(If you cannot see TIDAL menu but only see waiting icon, exit the Aurender Conductor App and run the App again)



Settings : Clone Aurender

The Clone Aurender feature is used to transfer all the content from one Aurender into another Aurender. Before you attempt cloning, it is advised that you upgrade both units to the same current version of system operating software. The cloning process can take hours to days depending on the content amount and the network speed to which both Aurender units are connected. It’s still the fastest way to backup the content from your Aurender to your second Aurender unit. Playlists and rating information will be copied to the target Aurender as well.
1. Tap the Clone Aurender in the Settings Menu.
The message on the upper part of Clone Aurender tab explains how it works and what is required/necessary. Please read the instructions and warning.
2.  Set the Source and the Target Aurender units.
The next step is to set the Source and the Target Aurender units, in other words, you need to select the Aurender unit you are going to copy from and copy to. 
3. Starting the Cloning Process
Cloning process status, including the percentage and time remaining, will appear on the front panel display of both Aurender units. 

Settings : Version

Shows current iPad Application and Aurender system software version.

Settings : Help

Opening User Guide with Safari

Press to open Safari browser to the online Aurender User Guide.

Sending Remote Support Email

In case of emergencies, emails can be sent to the Support Department using the Aurender App. Email needs to be set up properly on the iPad for this to work. Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible. Sending the email will activate the Remote Support function on the Aurender Music Player and allow engineers access to the unit in order to diagnose and fix the problem.



Remote Support Request from Server menu

Users can now also request remote support by long pressing the server name on the server list and then pressing the Start Remote Support button as shown below: