How to copy content from a NAS share or a USB storage device using the iPad Aurender Conductor app

  • Go to folder view.

  • From Folder select a source. It should be an USB storage or NAS device share.
  • You should see a selection  mark  indicator to  the left of a folder or file.

  • Select file or folder to copy by touching the selection mark.
  • Then touch the “Copy to” button on the summary section.

  • You will be asked to select the target folder. If the target folder is full and you have a second HDD, the contents will be copied to the second HDD with same folder structure as the first HDD.

  • After selecting the target folder, touch the ”Copy” button and the copy task will  begin. You can add multiple copying task - As many as you like. (2^16 tasks). New tasks will be added to the copy queue and processed one by one. While copying, you cannot play music. If you try to play, it will be paused.


  • You can check copying status by touching “Copy Status” and you can cancel or pause “Copying” process if you want to listen music. You can delete a task from the list by a swipe to left. Also, if Aurender was turned off while copying, you will be asked to resume or cancel when you connect to Aurender after turn on.