Album Cover View

To open the Album Cover view, tap the album cover picture just below the playback controls.


Viewing Front and Back Cover

Front and back covers can be viewed by flicking left or right.


Adding Album Covers

Album covers are usually downloaded from online song databases using CD ripping software. Album covers may also be scanned and placed into the album folders manually. This will enable them to be viewed using the Aurender App. When scanning front and back album covers, a resolution of 1600×1600 is recommended. The scanned files should be named "front.jpg" for the front cover and "back.jpg" for the back cover. Copy the files to the folder where the album is located.

When the Aurender searches for album covers, it first searches for the "front.jpg" file. If there is none, then it searches for the "folder,jpg" file. If there is none, then it searches for the album cover in the song metadata.


Album Cover View

Tap the Album Cover and various options will appear. At the top of the screen are playback functions and at the bottom are three viewing options.

Exit Album Cover View

Press the arrow on the left to change the screen from Album Cover view to normal view.

Front & Back Album Cover View

Press the dots in the middle to toggle front and back album cover views.

Album Contents & Queue Contents View

To view the Album tracks, tap the icon with THREE BARS on the bottom right of the screen. Songs selected from here will be sent to the end of the queue.