The Clone Aurender feature is used to transfer all the content from one Aurender into another Aurender. Before you attempt cloning, it is advised that you upgrade both units to the same current version of system operating software. The cloning process can take hours to days depending on the content amount and the network speed to which both Aurender units are connected. It’s still the fastest way to backup the content from your Aurender to your second Aurender unit. Playlists and rating information will be copied to the target Aurender as well.
1. Tap the Clone Aurender in the Settings Menu.
The message on the upper part of Clone Aurender tab explains how it works and what is required/necessary. Please read the instructions and warning.
2.  Set the Source and the Target Aurender units.
The next step is to set the Source and the Target Aurender units, in other words, you need to select the Aurender unit you are going to copy from and copy to. 
3. Starting the Cloning Process
Cloning process status, including the percentage and time remaining, will appear on the front panel display of both Aurender units.