Contents Window

Press a browser button and the Contents window will show songs or albums accordingly. To toggle between songs titles and album covers, press the  button located next to the "Add all songs" button.



Large Album Cover View

To see a full sized album cover in the browser window, long press the album cover artwork and a a pop-up menu will appear. Press the Show Album Cover button and a full sized album cover will appear inside the contents window, along with toggle for Front Cover and Track information.


Quick Scroll Bar

Scroll through content by flicking up and down with your finger, or for faster browsing, use the quick scroll bar on the right hand side. Just tap the alphabet or number to jump to content starting with that number or letter.


Adding songs to the queue

Simply tap any song in the Contents window to add it to the queue. The selected song will be marked with a small arrow. Subsequently selected songs will be added to the end of the queue (default setting).

Instant Play

To play songs instantly, tap on the left hand margin of the song you want to play. The selected song will appear below the currently playing song that was played last.

Section Bar

Long press the content section bar (top of the content window) and options for Play Now, Play Random, Replace Queue, Add to Next, Add to End will appear. Pressing any of these options will place up to 500 songs in the queue.

Song Title

Press the song title and keep it pressed. A pop-up menu will appear with various play and queuing options. If there selected song file has any metadata related to Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, Conductor, or is in a folder, then the button will be highlighted in the pop-up menu. Pressing the highlighted button will open up the contents window of that button. This is especially helpful, when trying to find the album or the folder a song, album, composer, etc.