Settings : Music Player

In the Music Player section are various settings required by some DACs to operate smoothly with the Aurender Music Player.

  • Time delay setting

This setting is for DACs that need time to adjust to sample rate changes. If the beginnings of songs are cut off or there is a slight distortion at the beginning of songs when the sample rate changes, please set the delay time to 3 or 4 seconds and the problems should be solved.

  • SPDIF setting

There are two formats for SPDIF data structure. Most DACs support both, but some legacy DACs only support one. These legacy DACs will work with the Aurender, if the user selects the Consumer format or Professional format. Most DACs accept both formats and this setting has absolutely no effect on the sound quality.

  • Use Fade-In/Out

Depending on the DAC or amplifier setup, pops or clicks may be heard when pausing and restarting songs. Turning on the Fade In/Out option can eliminate these popping sounds. (from App 1.5.09 /System Software 2.0.41 and above)

  • Dual-Wire Mode
To toggle Dual-Wire mode on and off, go to Settings of the iPad App. Turning on Dual-Wire mode will send signals through both AES/EBU outputs. If the Aurender is mistakenly set for Dual-Wire mode and used with a single AES/EBU output, the Aurender will display a sampling rate one-half that of the original rate.
  • Word Clock Mode

*Applies only to W20.

Word Clock is automatically turned on when a word clock signal is detected on the BNC input. When Word Clock mode is on, the SPDIF output will synchronize with the word clock signal.

For 44.1, 88.2 and 176.4 kHz sampling rate music, 44.1, 88.2 and 176.4 kHz word clock or a 22.5792 MHz master clock signal are valid.

For 48, 96 and 192 kHz sampling rate music. 48, 96 and 192 kHz word clock or a 24.576 MHz master clock signal are valid.

An optional USB dongle for dCS Master Clocks is available for automatic word clock frequency selection.



  • Audio Filter

* These options apply only to the A10.  

The A10 features user adjustable Analog and Digital filters, which are accessed under - Settings: Music Player - from the Conductor App. These filters only affect the analog outputs, both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA. The USB digital output is not affected. The Analog filter allows the user to select between Max Current, Less current, or Minimum Current output levels (1). The Digital filter provides five selectable filter options - Sharp Roll-off, Slow Roll-off, Short Delay and Sharp Roll-off, Short Delay and Slow Roll-off, or Super Slow Roll-off (2). Both the Analog and Digital filters can be reset to the factory setting of Less Current with Short Delay and Sharp Roll-off by pressing the "Load factory default filter setting" text (3). These filter options will have varying results with each audio system and music content, so we encourage the user to experiment and find a filter combination that is complementary to their system and personal preferences. 

  • Volume Setting

*  This option applies only to the A10. 

Scrolling past the Analog and Digital filter selection under - Settings: Music Player - allows the user to set the default volume behavior when the A10 is turned on after restarting or powering off the A10. When the "Save last volume level" button is selected, the volume will remain at the level the user had previously selected before powering off or restarting the A10 (4). Alternatively, the user can turn off this function and select either the -60dB (5) or the -30dB (6) button to set the volume for either of these levels when the unit is turned back on.