How to send a link of TIDAL/WiMP content using Aurender Conductor

If the iPad that received the link has Aurender Conductor installed, you can select that link to view the TIDAL content in the App.


To Share Favorite Content:

Make sure your TIDAL/WiMP Username and Password are entered in the Aurender Conductor App (Settings-Streaming setup).

1. To share TIDAL/WiMP tracks, albums, artists or playlists, select and “long-press” the item you wish to share. A popup menu appears with a "Share with friends" button.


2. Press the “Share with friends” button. A new menu will appear with a list of applications that are installed on your iPad, including iMessage and Mail apps.



3. Choose and press the application you want to use to share your content.


4. The application selected will open with information about the content residing in the body of the iMessage template. (Below is an example using iMessage) 



After Accessing The Share Message

Note: Users must have the Aurender Conductor App installed which supports external links. (2.1 or later)

1. Select the link to see the content. In this case, a link for a track that will be added to the queue.


To Put A Link On The Website.

If the website has the link for the Aurender Conductor App, users can start Aurender Conductor App while browsing the site using Safari for iOS.


Below is an example of link formatting.


SERVICE   : tidal or wimp

ITEM_TYPE : track, artist, album, playlist

ITEM_ID   : ID for each item.




With iOS Safari, when touch the link, Aurender Conductor will be launched.