How to use a Wi-Fi dongle as an access point

When you have difficulty in connecting or controlling Aurender Music Servers, attaching Wi-Fi dongle  to the back of the unit can solve the problem because it enhances communication between your iPad and Aurender music server. Aurender music server needs more robust and faster connection to the Wi-Fi router than surfing the internet. 

You can use a Wi-Fi dongle to connect your iPad to the Aurender. This method will provide file playback only as there is no connection to the internet.
If you want to use streaming services like TIDAL or Qobuz you need to connect Aurender to the internet using the wired connection.
Confirmed compatible WiFi dongles are listed below or you can purchase recommended one from Amazon.
  • ASUS 
    • USB-AC56
  • TRENDnet 
    • TEW-805UB
  • Netis
    • WF2561
    • WF2190
    • PT-8812AU
  • GMYLE 
    • 2T2R
  • Linksys 
    • WUSB6300
  • DLink
    • DWA-171 rev A1 8811au 2001:3314
    • DWA-171 rev B2 MediaTek 2001:3d02
  1. First, connect a compatible USB Wi-Fi dongle to your Aurender’s USB port at the back of the unit. Please use one of the two USB port which is together with LAN port.
  2. Open iPad Settings - Wi-Fi connection section. 

  3. Choose your Aurender from the list. (When you plug compatible USB Wi-Fi to Aurener, it behaves as the wi-fi access point and the access point name is the same as the name of the unit)
  4. You will be asked for the password

  5. Enter aurender12345 into the password field.
    (The current version of software lacks the ability to change your Wi-Fi password. This function will be added in a future release of the software.)
  6. Please make sure that you are connected to the wi-fi access point with the name of your Aurender, whenever you use Aurender. If you cannot find Aurender on you iPad, please check the wi-fi access point that your iPad is connected to.