What Is Required:


1. Aurender Music Server 

: W20/N10/A10/X100L/N100H

2. Apple iPad 2 or later 

: The iPad Air2 or iPad Pro are recommended for their fast processing speed and 801.11ac wireless connection.

3. Wireless router* with at least three gigabit ethernet** ports 

: A router that supports gigabit ethernet is recommended for faster music file transfer over LAN (Local Area Network) and faster connection speed for streaming content. The Apple Airport Extreme is recommended for its easy setup, reliable and fast wireless (802.11ac) operation, and its gigabit ethernet support.

*Wireless Access Point or a Wireless router set to a "bridge mode/access point" configuration.

**Although a 10/100Mb ethernet switch will work, gigabit (10/100/1000) is recommended for faster content transfer if copying music over the network.

4. Various lengths of CAT5E/CAT6 LAN cable 

: Lengths are determined by the location of the equipment involved. It is recommended to only use "bulk" type cable for "punchdown" terminations (e.g. wall plates or structured media panels); otherwise, please use quality pre-terminated CAT5E/CAT6 cables for connecting equipment (Aurender, PC/Mac, NAS drives, etc.).




STEP 1: Download the Aurender APP


1. First, find the App Store on your iPad and open it


2. Search for the Aurender Conductor App in the App store.

3. Get and Install the free Aurender Conductor App and open it.





STEP 2: Connect the Aurender to your local network and USB external drive


• The diagram below is a guideline to configure the Aurender for setup with your home network and connecting to an external USB drive for transferring music content*. For best performance, Aurender recommends locating your WiFi router/Access Point in the same room the Aurender music server will be located in. In order to avoid network conflicts, Aurender also recommends that your WiFi router is configured for "bridge" or "access point" mode.

*Please note, the diagram below is based on a typical home network configuration using the modem and router provided by an internet service provider. For more advanced network configurations, please refer to our network configuration guide on our support site: support.aurender.com






STEP 3: Update the Aurender's System Software to the latest version


Once the Aurender has been connected to the home network and an external USB drive with music content as shown in Step 2, ensure the iPad is connected to the same wireless router as the Aurender by accessing the WiFi settings of the iPad (1), and selecting the proper WiFi network


Open the Conductor App, and wait for the app to connect to the Aurender. If you only have one Aurender located on the network, the app will automatically connect; in the case of multiple Aurender's, you will need to specify which Aurender you wish to connect to. The first time you connect to the Aurender from the iPad app, you will be prompted to enter a 6-digit passcode (4). This 6-digit passcode will be displayed on the Aurender's AMOLED front panel.

​Once the 6-digit passcode has been entered, tap the "Settings" icon (5), which looks like a gear, and is located just below the search bar at the top right corner of the app.


Check the software version of the Aurender by navigating to the Upgrade tab in the Settings menu (6). The unit will automatically check for the latest software version. If an update is available, the button will allow you to install the latest version of the system software 


After selecting the latest software update, a download will start in a few seconds and the Aurender's front panel will display the status of the software update progress based on the percentage (%) completed. At this point you should exit the Conductor app and wait for the update to complete. The Aurender will reboot after the update is finished, and you may open the Conductor App again to begin copying music to the internal storage.




STEP 4: Preparing Internal Music Content


For initial music transfer to the Aurender's internal storage, it is recommended to transfer music files from a USB external drive* connected to one of the Aurender's rear panel USB data ports using the "Smart Copy" feature (system software 4(5).4.58 or later). 
* If you wish to copy files from your NAS drive or your computer, please refer to FAQ section of our support web site (support.aurender.com).
First, select the "Aurender" button (1) in order to navigate to the Folder tab (2)


3. From your Mac, open 
   Finder > Go > select Connect to Server…  OR  press command + k key from the desktop.



4. On your Mac, enter the appropriate IP address that appears on your iPad screen.
    **Make sure you type in “smb://” before you type in the Aurender IP number.



5. Enter Name and Password according to the Username and Password shown in NAS Share on the iPad. 


If your Aurender (W20, N10 or X100L) has two internal HDDs, you will be prompted to select the HDD. 
(It's your choice which drive to use)
* You will not see this pop-up window with N100H.


6. After you enter the Name and Password, a new finder window will appear.

You can drag&drop your music folder/files you want to the folder above.



If you have multiple folders in one folder, Aurender considers the last folder in the hierarchy as one album. (Below-folder-structure will be taken care of correctly)



Loading music into the Aurender's internal drive using a PC

1. Make sure your iPad is connected to Wi-Fi 
    (See Step 3 - #2 for detailed information)


2. On your Aurender Conductor App, open Settings by tapping on and select “NAS Share”. 


3. From your Windows, go to 
    Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run OR press Windows + R key on your keyboard.


4. On your Windows, enter the appropriate IP number that appears on your iPad screen.
    **Make sure you type in two backslashes “\\” before you type in the Aurender IP number.


5. Enter Name and Password according to the Username and Password shown on the iPad. 


6. After the log-in, a window will appear.


You can drag&drop your music folder/files you want to the folder above.

If you have multiple folders in one folder, Aurender considers the last folder in the hierarchy as one album. (Below-folder-structure will be taken care of correctly)






1. The Aurender scans music files automatically for meta-data and will show the album covers and artist names. It may take several minutes to hours to make the database. Until the Aurender finishes making the meta-data database, you will not see any album covers in the Aurender App as seen in the screen capture. 


2. You can check the scan status in the Settings -> Scanner menu



3. Once your music has been copied and scanned, you can use the Aurender conductor App to select and play your music. You can change the view by selecting different tabs such as Song, Artist, Album, Genre, Composer and Conductor. 
You can also search for songs. (Make sure your view is in the right one. For example, if you are searching for an artist, you must be on the Artist tab)





 Important Notice Regarding the Power Off Procedure


Should you ever have the need to turn off the AC power of your Aurender Music Server, it is imperative to do so using the following procedure. Failure to do so may result in unmounting or corrupting the internal SSD drive crippling or rendering the unit inoperative: 

When turning off the Aurender, simply tap the front panel power button. The display will show power down message. Display will then go dark and it is now safe to use the rear chassis power switch if complete power down is desired. The LED on the front panel power button will still be flashing after the front panel display goes off, it is okay to turn off the back panel power switch while power button flashes as  long as front panel AMOLED display is off.
You can also turn off the unit easily using the Aurender Conductor App. Just press & hold the PLAY button(   ) on the top left corner of the App, it will  pop up the menu for shutting down the Aurender.





 Procedures To Factory Restore Your Aurender

Mutiple abrupt power down can corrupt Aurender's SSD and Aurender would not boot at all, showing 'Aurender (model number) ' on the front panel display.

In this case, you can recover SSD using the procedure below.
* You do not need Factory Restore, if Aurender boots.  

1. Make sure the unit is plugged in and the rear panel power switch is in the 
    off position.

2. While pressing the front panel power button, switch on the back panel 
    power switch.

3. Once the unit’s display shows the Aurender logo, release the front panel 
    power button.

4. Wait for the recovery process to finish. Once the recovery is complete, the unit 
    will reboot.

Please note: This will delete your rating information and playlists you made. So, please contact us before do this. After a factory reset recovery your system operating system may need 
to be updated. Additionally, if using a NAS, it will need to be remounted and you will need to run the AMM (Aurender Music Manager) to restore the erased metadata.





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