Q: What source devices can be used with the S5W?

A: Windows PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android Phone all can be used. Also, music servers with a USB audio output could possibly be used, but some devices may have issues with the control of volume. Any Aurender Music server can be used as the source device.


Q: Do I need to join wireless network?

A: No. The S5W uses a 2.4GHz wireless signal to transmit PCM data, but it's not an IP-based network that we use typically for internet access. It's a peer-to-peer wireless transmission.


Q: What is the range of S5W?

A: It's approximately10m. (30 feet, line of sight).


Q: Can I use more than 1 pair of speakers?

A: No. The S5W transmitter dongle supports only one pair (left + right) of speakers at a time.


Q: Can I use it as AC powered?

A: Yes. It comes with two AC adapters, one per speaker.

Q: How do I charge the battery and what is the charging time?

A:  The Bosch battery charger must be purchased separately. Bosch Quick Charger Model AI 1860 cv
     The charging time for a 6Ah battery in about one hour.


Q: How much does the battery cost?

A: Battery price will vary depends on the capacity, country and the retailer. In the USA, a 6Ah model costs about  $100 on Amazon.


Q: How long will the battery last?

A:  Depending on the volume level and battery capacity, the SW5 will play approximately 50 hours continuously with a 6Ah battery (average listening volume).


Q: What does the name S5W come from?

A: It's a model name. About 3 years ago, we made wireless speakers named S1, S3, S5. They were similar concept to S5W but were AC powered only.
We test marketed three models in Korea and found that many people wanted an ever higher performing model. Many people gave us feedback that the speakers could be enhanced if they were battery powered making them truly wireless. So we started to develop a fully wireless model based on the AC powered version of S5 and named it S5W. The "W" meaning (fully) "wireless".


Q: Is there a matching sub-woofer?

A: This is a common request and we are interested in developing one, but we'd like to receive more customer feedback first.


Q: Why did Aurender make speakers?

A: We are interested and enthusiastic in providing HiFi sound to broader audience not just limited to audiophiles.
We'd like to provide HiFi solutions to the luxury and lifestyle markets where we believe ease of use, design, quality and differentiation are the most important factors to this target market. We have a strong technical background making it easier for us to conceive and develop products that offer unique solutions. S5W is the our first model in that direction.