The Aurender X725 is an all-in-one DAC, pre-amplifier and power amplifier and designed to simplify the task of configuring and setting up an audio system. With the wide range of digital audio sources (music servers, digital audio players, CD players, Blu-ray players, DVD players, etc.) available today, there is a need for an all-in-one DAC, pre-amplifier and power amplifier. By combining the DAC, pre-amplifier and power amplifier, only the music sources and speakers need to be connected. With digital audio inputs, there is no need for left and right channels to be connected. Just a simple USB cable or SPDIF optical cable, power cord, Ethernet cable, and a pair of speaker cables are all you need. An audio system designed around the Aurender X725 and X100 music player will use fewer cables and fewer audio components than a traditional analog based audio system, and can be set up much quicker and more easily. 

The digital audio signal received from the USB and optical (SPDIF) audio inputs are converted to an analog signal by the internal DAC. The pre-amplifier section controls volume and source selection, and the power amplifier amplifies the audio signal to power the speakers.

Main Features

  • Elegant  machined aluminum chassis
  • Designed for quiet operation
  • USB interface for high quality audio
  • Auxiliary optical SPDIF input ( Useful for connecting additional audio sources, including Blu-ray players. )
  • Supports all major high resolution audio formats
  • Plays up to 24/192kHz, DSD64/128 in native mode
  • Power Rating : 250W per channel at 4 ohms
  • IR Remote Controller
  • Volume Control & Source Select with Aurender App ( via Aurender Music Servers )


Model NameX725 USB DAC & Amplifier
User InterfaceIR Remote Controller, Aurender App ( via X100 ), Volume Knob
​Volume Control Range-95dB ~ 0dB​
Output Power​2 x 230W @ 1% THD+N, 4ohm​
​Frequency Response20Hz ~ 20kHz ( <+/-0.5dB )​
Digital I/O​1 Audio USB, 1 Optical SPDIF​
Analog I/O​Stereo Speaker Output​
​Dimension (Weight)​215 x 55 x 355 mm ( 4.7kg )  /  8.5 x 2.2 x 14.0 inches  ( 10.4 lbs )